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Terms & Conditions - Vendor Advisory Service

Advisory Services are provided by Morison Property (Valuation) Limited (MPVL).

In paying for this service you (the Client) confirm that you are an owner of the nominated property and further confirm that you represent all parties with an ownership interest.

Scope of Work

  1. Payment of the fee and acceptance of these terms, shall confer the benefit of this service upon the client for one nominated property for up to 6 months, or confirmation of an unconditional sale of the property, whichever comes sooner.
  2. The client will identify to MPVL the property they are selling. If MPVL (in it's sole discretion) considers that the property falls outside the scope of this service due to location or property type, MPVL will advise the client and refund the fee in full.
  3. If the property is identified as being within the scope of this service, MPVL will provide services to the client as outlined below. 
  4. MPVL will, as an when required, provide real estate consultancy to the client, by either phone, email or in person to the best of their knowledge. Where external advice is recommended, the client will be advised accordingly. 
  5. MPVL’s advice to the client shall be limited to the appraisal and selling process. MPVL will not provide any legal or valuation advice as part of this service.
  6. The client is aware that MPVL is not licensed to transact property under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 and has no part in the selling process whatsoever.
  7. The client acknowledges that MPVL may receive a referral fee from any third parties introduced to the client during the provision of this service. 

Privacy Act

MPVL’s full privacy policy is available on their website: and forms part of these Terms of Engagement.

The client is aware that all phone conversations between the client and MPVL are recorded by MPVL for clarity, consistency and auditing purposes. 

Conflict of Interest

MPVL is unable to provide Registered Valuation services to any prospective purchaser of the specified property whilst MPVL is concurrently providing Vendor Advisory Services to the client. 

Reliance, Use & Confidentiality

These terms of engagement are a contract for advisory services for the client and also confer a benefit on MPVL and obligations on the Client. The Client must do all things necessary to assist the process. 

Services will be provided only for the use of the Client. MPVL does not undertake responsibility or liability (in tort or otherwise) to any other party.

Employees and agents of MPVL undertake no personal responsibility or liability (in tort or otherwise) to any party.

Advisory services are provided by MPVL on the basis that the Client has provided MPVL with a full and frank disclosure of all information and other facts which may affect the advice. 

MPVL accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever unless such a full disclosure has been made to MPVL.

All correspondence between MPVL and the Client is confidential.  Neither the whole nor any part of any MPVL document, or any reference to the same, may be included in any published document, circular or statement without MPVL’s prior written approval as to the form and context in which it may appear. 

Complaint Process

If the Client believes MPVL has not performed MPVL’s obligations to the Client in accordance with these Terms of Engagement, the Client will, prior to taking any other action:

Step 1:  In first instance, contact MPVL to explain the concern and resolve the matter.
Step 2:  If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved following MPVL’s response to Step 1, the Client will write to MPVL and explain the reasons for the Client’s dissatisfaction and the Client will set out proposed solutions.