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Home owners are frustrated with real estate agents that over-promise and under-deliver.

Our highly educated and experienced property team offer ongoing impartial advice on all matters related to the selling process for up to 6 months; for one flat fee.

We've worked with countless homeowners, both those selling privately and with an agent. We can identify good agents and negotiate their commissions, review their advice to you, help avoid potential risks, and ensure everyone acts in your best interests. Weak advice could see your home undersold or else incur liability for you later.

Morisons are the real estate equivalent of the Automobile Association (AA). Our impartial advice is well-reasoned, supported by decades of industry experience, with no incentive to guide you in a particular direction. We are routinely relied upon by the courts, IRD, financial institutions and government departments for this very reason.

Of course, how you choose to sell your home and at what price is entirely up to you. But with our professional knowledge on tap, and insight based on decades helping people in similar situations – your selling experience will surely improve, with reduced risk and a clear path forward.

So let us take the stress out of selling. The one-off cost gets a team of independent property professionals in your corner for up to 6 months while you sell. And at just $499 is less than 2% of the average real estate commission.

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What's the process?

Step 1

Whether you’re thinking of selling, or already on the market, sign up to our flat fee advisory service for unlimited access to quality independent property advice for up to 6 months.

Step 2

After an initial phone or in person discussion to better understand your situation, we’ll address any pressing real estate questions and supply relevant recent sales data for your property and a current title summary.

Step 3

We can advise on different sale methods, how to choose agents and review appraisals. If you’re already on the market, we can review your current approach, advertising, and offer ideas for improvement.

Step 4

Throughout the selling process we’re available to discuss anything that come up, such as offers received, pricing, marketing methods, agent retention or replacement, negotiation, and market trends.

What sort of things do you help with?

Below are just some examples, either asked by vendors, or anticipated by us before becoming a bigger problem. We can help with any of these and more.

 • Discussing whether selling privately or using an agent is the better option for you

• If you do want to sell privately, outlining how you can best go about it

• Tips on how to interview agents, and suggested questions to ask

• Outlining the pros and cons of different marketing methods

• Reviewing appraisals for completeness and rational conclusion. Providing clarifying questions to ask to ensure greater accuracy

• Highlighting whether additional advice is warranted early on, such as legal, accounting, engineering, building inspection etc and the reasons behind it

• Discussing the merits of different sale methods (private treaty, auction, tender etc)

• Whether publishing an asking price is a good idea and approaches to setting one

• What to expect at an auction. Pitfalls and how to deal with the high pressure environment

• If you’re dissatisfied with your agent, we can talk to them for you, and help mediate any issues

• If you’re being encouraged to reduce the asking price, we can review the situation and whether that’s appropriate given the original appraisal, market conditions and buyer feedback

• Perhaps your tenant is complaining about regular viewings or poorly presenting the property. How can you deal with this? What are your legal rights and obligations?

• Does your property comply with the Building Act? How do you protect yourself from liability?

• Checking that key features has been adequately advertised and that there are no obviously misleading statements which could incur liability for you

• Does your property have development potential? Is it quantifiable? Is it likely to have a significant impact on price?

• After 3 months it’s time to renew the agency listing. What are your options?

• You’ve received an offer. Will you counter sign it? How long should you wait? Is the deposit sufficient? Does the settlement date suit you? Are the further terms going to cause you any trouble? Is GST a potential issue here? Should your lawyer be involved at this point?

• The purchaser wants more time to sell their own home and an extension to your conditional agreement. Should you agree? What are the risks?

• Helping you understand what’s changed in the market over your listing period. Has there been a general increase or decrease in prices / sales volumes or any particularly relevant sales nearby?

Whatever issue arises, or question comes up, chances are you’re not alone. We’ve likely seen it many times before with other clients in a similar situation. We know what works, where the traps lie, and how to navigate the process as painlessly as possible. And if we don’t have a ready answer for any reason, rest assured we’ll go and find out.

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